Novelist  -- Fiction Editor -- Mindset Coach 


I help you rewrite your story.


Novelist -- Editor -- Coach


I help you write your story.


Offering step-by-step frameworks and personal guidance for fiction writers

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YOUR NOVEL STARTS HERE: Master Your Mindset and Make 8 Key Decisions


What you will learn in the webinar:

  • ​​​​​​​Why your mind is the #1 thing stopping you from writing your novel

    And my #1 tool for mastering yours

  • 8 Key Decisions you need to make before you start writing your novel

    Introducing my signature method for creating a plan for your novel before you start writing, allowing you to complete a first draft in up to 75% less time!​​​​​​​

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I dreamed of being a novelist from the time I was six years old. 

In 2007 and 2011, my first and second novels were published by Random House. My third novel, THE HIDDEN LIFE OF CECILY LARSON, was published by Mariner Books in February 2024 and was an Indie Next pick and a People Best New Book! 

I know how to deal with the challenges and setbacks that are built in with the writing journey. And I've done the years of work to learn how to build a novel that readers will love.

Do you dream of writing and publishing a novel, too? My mission is to help you make that dream come true.

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"The exact guidance I needed."

Heather R., Maine

"Ellen really helped me understand the basics and how to find my voice." 


Clint G., Texas

Do you dream of writing a novel? 


But then there's that little voice in your head:

"There's no time."

"I wouldn't know where to start."

"It's impractical."

"Why bother? The odds of success are so small!"

And yet... it is your DREAM.


My START YOUR NOVEL WITH CONFIDENCE online program will change your story about what's possible and get you started down the path toward achieving your dream. 

Inside the program, I give you the exact tools and structures I've developed and used over the last 25+ years to write the novels I've had published by Mariner (HarperCollins) and Random House -- not only the practical tools I use to outline, plan and start my novels, but also the mindset tools you need to keep going.

You'll develop the perseverance and no-matter-what attitude it takes to succeed -- and start making your dream of writing a novel come true!!

Plus, when you enroll in START YOUR NOVEL WITH CONFIDENCE, you'll get one full year of membership in my online Studio Circle community, which includes monthly group coaching calls with me, so you'll have all the support and guidance you need to succeed to not only start but finish the novel you've always dreamed of writing!

To learn more (plus unlock special pricing and bonuses!), sign up for my FREE online masterclass, YOUR NOVEL STARTS HERE: Master Your Mindset and Make 8 Key Decisions. You can watch right now or sign up for a time that works for you!

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Let's connect!

Aspiring novelists!

If you want to turn your dream of writing a novel into reality, join my online program START YOUR NOVEL WITH CONFIDENCE. Includes group coaching with me to support and guide you through your process! Start by watching my free masterclass, YOUR NOVEL STARTS HERE!

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Writers with a manuscript!

If you've got a draft of a novel (or memoir) completed, I will work with you 1:1 to get it submission-ready. (Currently scheduling about two months out, so get on my calendar now. :)  


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My new novel THE HIDDEN LIFE OF CECILY LARSON was released by Mariner Books in February! I would love to visit with your book club -- just click to learn more about the novel (then scroll to the bottom of the page to email me :).

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Here's how to work with me!

1. If you want to start writing the novel you've always dreamed of writing

Enroll in my online program START YOUR NOVEL WITH CONFIDENCE!

By the time you finish the self-study course, designed to be completed in just 3 weeks, you will have: 

  • written the first chapter of your novel
  • completed a general outline of the entire novel
  • made a bite-sized, doable plan for how you'll finish your novel by the date of your choosing
  • come to believe you can write a novel and that it's an important dream for you to make come true!

When you enroll, you also get one full year of membership in my online Studio Circle community, which includes monthly group coaching calls with me, weekly Q&A, an accountability/feedback partner, and access to the private online community!  You'll have all the guidance and support you need to not just start but actually finish your novel!

Unlock your invitation to the program (plus special pricing and bonuses!) when you sign up for my free masterclass YOUR NOVEL STARTS HERE: Master Your Mindset and Make 8 Key Decisions.

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2. If you've written a draft of a novel and want to take it to the next level

I will edit your novel and mentor you through the process of turning it into one the agents, editors, and readers will love. Previous clients have succeeded in getting agents, editors, and book deals with major publishers.

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"It is a rare experience to find someone with Ellen's intuition, brilliance and kindness."

Terence S., Virginia

"I found Ellen to be extremely perceptive, intuitive and right on point... I am already planning my next opportunity to work with her."

Kristin C., Maine

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Discover the 8 key decisions you need to make before you start writing your novel in order to give yourself an overarching sense of the novel you're planning to write, decrease feelings of overwhelm, and get you ready to start confidently writing your novel! 





Master Your Mindset and Make 8 Key Decisions


Have you always dreamed of writing a novel -- but something has been holding you back? Maybe you don't know where (or how!) to start -- or maybe you feel like you just don't have the time?

Join me to learn a simple mindset tool that can stop these thoughts from holding you back, then learn my signature method of the 8 Key Decisions you need to make to create a framework and plan for writing your novel that
 can cut the time it takes by up to 75%! 

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